Who Are We

Marketing Intelligence (MINT) is a student-run club affiliated with the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) that aims to enhance students' professional experience and facilitate academic learning in a pragmatic way. We strive to bring the most out of your university life and enhance your degree with practical hands-on experience.


Some of our key events include our Flagship Event, Insights, and our highly successful MINT Consulting Case Competition. During each event we give students the opportunity to work closely with start-up companies that highly value students' input and solutions to real business problems. From these experiences, our members have gone on to make valuable connections and pursue incredible career opportunities.

IMG_8426 - Arya Prabha_edited.jpg

Arya Prabha


273080441_635787874338627_1480140638209157855_n - Steven Banh_edited.jpg

Steven Banh

Vice President

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Jessica Wang


Me, but casual - Thomas Lee_edited.jpg

Thomas Lee


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Jessica Fan

Events Director


Sreya Kumar

Partnerships Director


Andrea Set

Promotions Director

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Muskan Sharma

Creative Director

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