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In recent times, online marketing has thrived as a result of humanity’s newfound reliance on digital communication. This has facilitated connection between companies and a broad customer base, increasing the efficiency of marketing by spreading information to a larger substratum of individuals. Three central roles of digital marketing in creating modern success include growth in reach and accessibility, adaptability and flexibility in a creative space, and a boost in consumer engagement through personalisation.

2022-23 Guide to the Energy Transition-01.png

Welcome to our Guide to the Energy Transition!

Written by students for students, A Guide to the Energy Transition is an accessible overview of Australia’s transition to a clean energy system. Covering topics from electric vehicles to batteries, solar panels to sustainable financing, our guide is a one-stop shop for you to learn about the foundations of the energy sector and its role in combating climate change. 


To experience the Guide as you would a book, flick through the words of our brilliant contributors by clicking the button below to access the PDF.

Also, any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated! So if you have the time, we would love for you to leave your thoughts and comment through the link below. 

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