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Decoding Digital Marketing:
Exploring Diverse Career Paths and Entry into the Industry


Written by Ema Tanaka

5 minute read

In the dynamic realm of modern business, digital marketing strategies require adaptations to advanced technology and shifting industry trends. In his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, published more than 2 decades ago, Robert Kiyosaki foresees information as the most valuable asset of the contemporary world. To keep up in an era marked by an abundance of choices and unimpeded access to information, companies must prioritise carefully crafting the content customers consume. More and more companies have implemented channels dedicated to digital marketing, opening up many different career paths. 

Unveiling the Digital Landscape 

Today, digital marketing encompasses a wide range of areas, including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing and social media marketing. In a saturated market with a multitude of competing companies, driving traffic to websites and enhancing outreach to target audiences becomes increasingly crucial. Digital Marketing provides data-driven insights, making campaign performance and engagement measurable. Its cost efficiency and wide-spread presence make it overrule traditional marketing methods. 


Career Paths 

Within digital marketing, there are a myriad of career opportunities across a range of portfolios, from Marketing Analysts and Social Media Managers to Content Writers and Graphic Designers. These roles are responsible for curating engaging content, connecting with followers and driving profitable customer action. Other roles, such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimiser) Specialists, research keywords and analyse visitor interaction with websites, often working closely with influencers. Indeed, it is undeniable that influencer marketing has become increasingly popular, allowing for increased brand awareness and credibility through third-party endorsements. There has also been a rise in the number of designers needed on a team who are tasked with maintaining a brand’s cohesive visual identity and the layout and structure of digital platforms.

Navigating Entry Points 

The increased demand and popularity for positions within this field have led to a competitive job market. Employers place high value on internships and entry-level positions in marketing agencies or departments within companies, which showcase adaptability in this fast-paced industry. Additionally, online certification and portfolios compiled from personal and freelancing projects are desirable in those applying for design roles. While specific technical skills may vary depending on the role and industry, analytical skills, project management, creativity and data analysis are highly sought after. 


There are many distinct entry points for individuals wishing to enter this multifaceted industry. Considering its ever-evolving nature and the integration of AI, job descriptions can vary from day to day, stressing the significance of continuous learning in this uncharted territory. 

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